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The people below have made contributions to the content of Follow That Customer!

Arthur Middleton Hughes

Arthur Middleton Hughes is a recognized expert in email, database and telecom marketing strategy. Arthur serves e-Dialog (www.e-dialog.com) as their Senior Strategist. In this role he advises e-Dialog staff and e-Dialog clients on profitable strategies for using electronic communications in their marketing programs. A graduate of Princeton University with a Masters in Public Affairs, Arthur taught economics at the University of Maryland for 32 years. When it comes to database marketing, he wrote the book! He is the author of The Complete Database Marketer, 2nd Ed. (McGraw-Hill, 1996), Strategic Database Marketing, 3rd Ed. (McGraw-Hill, 2006) and The Customer Loyalty Solution (McGraw-Hill, 2003). His book, Customer Churn Reduction and Retention for Telecoms was published by RACOM in 2007, and in 2009 he co-authored with Arthur Sweetser Successful EMail Marketing Strategies: from Hunting to Farming (Racom 2009).
Arthur is the founder of The Database Marketing Institute, Ltd. Through the Institute, he gave 28 two-day seminars on database marketing from 1993 to 2000 with Dr. Paul Wang of Northwestern University. Graduates of the Institute’s training include 1,200 senior marketers from major US corporations. The Institute’s websites are www.dbmarketing.com and telecom-marketing.
Arthur’s articles appear regularly in leading industry publications. His consulting assignments and lectures on marketing and economics have taken place in the US, Canada, Europe, Latin America and Asia. He has been a key speaker in marketing conferences in the US, Canada, U.K., Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Venezuela, Columbia,Malaysia, Thailand and Portugal.

email: arthur.hughes@dbmarketing.com

Charles A. Prescott

Charles A. Prescott has spent his career in international corporate, securities, finance, and new country development law and projects. During his career he has worked in law firms in Tokyo and New York and has been in-house corporate counsel with privately owned Continental Grain Company and publicly listed The Reader’s Digest Association, Inc. Most recently he was Vice President, Global Development, at the Direct Marketing Association, Inc., of the United States. The DMA is the largest trade association for businesses interested in interactive and database marketing,
Most recently he represented the direct marketing industry in numerous US government and international bodies, including the US Department of Commerce, the State Department, the International Chamber of Commerce, and the Universal Postal Union. He also served on the Board of Directors of FEDMA (Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing). Currently he represents the Global Envelope Alliance at the Universal Postal Union where he also serves as Chairman of the Consultative Committee, which consists of private sector associations and organizations with interest in the international postal network, including competitors, customers of, and suppliers to post offices worldwide. He also serves on the Industry Technical Advisory Committee to the US Department of Commerce, which advises the government on international trade agreements and issues and a similar committee which advises the State Department on postal matters. He earned his J.D. (cum laude) in 1974 from Harvard Law School, after earning an A.B. in 1969 from Hamilton College. He has been admitted to practice in California and New York and is a member of the American Bar Association and the New York State Bar Association.
He is a frequent speaker around the world on direct and interactive marketing developments and privacy and data protection and has authored numerous works to assist data processors to understand and comply with laws and best practices world-wide. His work at the UPU has resulted in engagement in numerous postal issues impacting international mailers.

email: chaspres@optonline.net
website: www.prescottreport.com

Alexander Singewald

Alexander J.J.T. Singewald LLM is a legal consultant of Singewald Consultants Group BV, based in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands. Singewald Consultants Group BV advises in the field of all matters pertaining to data protection, primarily within the direct/database marketing, distance selling, and sales promotion sectors and (multi)national companies that consider the database as a part of their (primary) business process. Singewald Consultants Group works for a wide range of companies such as publishers, transport companies, power companies, financial service providers, address suppliers, fundraisers and health organizations, software developers, and advertising agencies. Singewald Consultants Group also advises on outsourcing agreements, the legal implementation of Enterprise Content Management Systems, and guides organizations if PR and PA are important aspects.
Alexander J.J.T. Singewald LLM was elected as DM man of the year in April 2004. He is treasurer of FEDMA, advisor of Stichting DM en SP Prijzen Esprix (the European equivalent of the American ECHO Awards), chairman of the Dutch Plantronics Telesales Team Trophy and speaker/tutor on the legal aspects of direct marketing.

email: singewald@privacy.nl
website: www.privacy.nl

Dick Vanderzaken & Ronald Morcus

Since 2000, Dick Vanderzaken (1965) has been business development director at the Dutch specialist in multichannel campaign management 2organize. In this role he is responsible for consultancy and project management activities. Previously, he was senior account manager with PlantijnCasparie (part of RSDB). During the last two decades Dick has developed a broad expertise and a strong vision in the field of multichannel campaign management.
Since 2000, Ronald Morcus (1960) has been managing director of 2organize. Before that he held various international management positions with Philips, Brother, and Yamaha. He holds a degree in Business Economics and did an MBA/MBI at the Rotterdam School of Management.
Since 2007 Dick Vanderzaken and Ronald Morcus are co-owners of 2organize.

email: dick.vanderzaken@2organize.com
email: ronald.morcus@2organize.com
website: www.2organize.com

Ruud Verduin

Adviser and consultant Special thanks are due to Ruud Verduin, with whom Egbert Jan van Bel has advised on and implemented EDM projects. He is author of the book Introduction to Customer Relationship Management and co-author of the original Dutch edition. He has made a valuable contribution to the preparation of this book as a “sparring partner” for the writers, as well as generously lending his ideas to reinforce the theories and vision expounded. Ruud is widely recognized as an expert in CRM and Customer Experience Management, with a particular expertise in customer-centric change management.
He is principal of Verduin CRM Consultants, a consulting group that helps clients develop and implement effective relationship marketing approaches. Ruud’s consulting clients have included large organizations as well as middle-market businesses in industries as diverse as distribution, financial services, high-technology, telecom, not-for-profit, agricultural, and manufacturing. Ruud’s passion is helping organizations exploit their marketing potential to the full. His knowledge and experience in achieving the transition from product-oriented to customer-oriented operation make him a sought-after adviser, consultant and speaker.
His experience with the transition from product-driven to customer-driven organizations has made him a popular public speaker and commentator on customer relationship management in The Netherlands.
Ruud holds a BA in information management and received his MBA from Newport University, Utrecht. Prior to establishing his own company, Ruud held management positions at one of the big international consultancy firms as well as at several other companies. He is lecturer in various MBA programs and serves as a judge for the CRM Association.nl’s CRM Award.

email: ruud@verduin.nl
website: www.verduin.nl