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Egbert Jan van Bel

Egbert Jan (1958) studied Marketing in The Netherlands (NIMA). He worked as marketer for the dBase product in the eighties, introducing the software to market leadership in Europe. He started his own company in 1989, helping business with customer-centric marketing. Egbert Jan has written six books in the field of marketing, CRM, and communications. He is keynote teacher since mid-90s at Beeckestijn Business School, member of the jury at the international Internet awards “Webby,” and Faculty Member of Speakers Academy.

email: egbertjan@vanbel.nl
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Ed Sander

After studying Marketing in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Ed (1970) soon began to specialize in database marketing, online marketing, and CRM. This he has done in positions with multinationals in a wide variety of industries, including pet food, office supplies, tissue manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and financial services. As a consultant, Ed also worked on projects for a CRM service provider, an email marketing agency and a database management agency. His past projects range from setting up marketing databases and implementing CRM applications, developing database marketing, and direct marketing programs and designing online marketing campaigns. Ed has published in various trade journals and provides guest lectures at seminars and marketing colleges.

email: ed@failsafe.nl
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Alan Weber

Alan Weber is president of Data to Strategy Group, a firm specializing in using a company’s existing customer data to drive their marketing strategy.With more than 15 years of experience in data-driven marketing, Alan has broad experience in applying data-driven tools to practical marketing challenges.He has helped both large and small companies, both B-to-B and B-to-C, both for-profit and not-for-profit. Before founding Data to Strategy Group, he was President of Marketing Analytics Group and Vice President, Database Marketing for J. Schmid & Associates. Alan is author of Data-Driven Business Models (Racom)and co-author of Desktop Database Marketing (NTC) which is used as a textbook in many collegelevel database-marketing courses. Alan’s articles have been published in various magazines, and he teaches marketing at University of Missouri/ Kansas City and the University of Kansas. He has trained direct marketers across North America, Mexico, and South America.

email: alan@d2sg.net
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From left to right: Ed Sander, Egbert Jan van Bel, Alan Weber