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ROI/Profitability Exercise Materials

Appendix 2 of Follow That Customer! contains 5 exercises you can use to learn how to make the profitability calculations discussed in Chapter 6 of the book. Here you can download the exercises, the answers, the templates of the spreadsheets and the spreadsheets with the correct solutions.

We suggest you download the first two files, try to complete the exercises and check the answers in the back of the PDF file. If they differ from your own calculations we suggest you refer to Chapter 6 for the correct way to use the models. If all else fails there's still the third file with the solution to every exercise.

Download PDF with the excercises and answers.
Note: you need to have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to open this file. If you do not have this program installed, click here to download it.

Download Excel templates to do your own calculations.

Download Excel file with the correct answers.