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‘Event-Driven Marketing (EDM): Event-driven marketing (EDM): a discipline within marketing, where commercial and communication activities are based upon relevant and identified changes in a customer’s individual needs.’

For as long as there has been commerce, sellers have tried to predict what people, and their customers in particular, wanted to buy. That’s what made the early direct mailers of the 19th century so revolutionary. Sales people had always kept track of individual customer preferences. But now here was the ability to track and identify customer preferences on a mass scale. Then came the database and CRM revolutions. Database marketing and predictive modeling have made it possible to make the right offer to the right customer.

This book is about the next revolution. Event-Driven Marketing (EDM) adds the important dimension of the right time. Marketers now have the ability to make that right offer to that right customer at the right time—at exactly the moment that customer develops a need for your product or service. The result is the same as each of the preceding revolutions: increased response and conversion rates and improved profitability of marketing investments.

Follow That Customer! is the first complete handbook of EDM. It covers everything from theory to process management to profitability calculations, database analyses, and legislation. In addition it has seven realworld cases that bring EDM concepts to life. Follow That Customer! is a must-read for any manager, marketer, or entrepreneur who wants to be more relevant, productive, and successful.

Follow That Customer!

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