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Expert Praise for Follow That Customer!

To me Event-Driven Marketing (EDM) is the ultimate marketing machine. Target the right message on exactly the right moment at the one customer fitting that message. For sales, services, information or win-back . . . Hey, I love EDM!

A.J. Nyhuis
Program and Change Manager
ING Bank

van Bel, Sander and Weber provide the next step in the evolution of direct marketing. Event-driven Marketing takes the critical elements of consumer’s behaviors and helps turn them into actionable programs. Wonderfully readable, yet concise and focused. Great information for direct marketers wanting to move to the next level.

Don E. Schultz
President, Agora
Emeritus, The Medill School, Northwestern University

The authors have discovered the central flaw in most direct marketing: That it is based on past behavior. Event-driven marketing is about future behavior—the kind triggered by events. And we’re not just talking about birthdays. This compelling new book is filled with both B2C and B2B case histories. You’ll learn how well-timed event marketing can move customers into the sales funnel. You’ll learn how to leverage EDM through mobile devices. And you’ll find out about the changes you need to make to exploit this marketing phenomenon.

Ray Schultz
Former editor of DM News and Direct
President, TellAllmarketing

EDM takes direct marketing beyond the world of traditional campaigning and into the more complex—and more effective—world of managing ongoing customer relationships, in a way that is both welcomed by customers and more profitable for marketers. I particularly appreciate the authors’ inclusion of several useful methods for measuring the ROI on multi-touch programs—a vexing challenge in much of B-to-B marketing. Also, their introduction of the notion of scoring and scorecards to predict the likelihood of an event, to identify target audiences appropriate for EDM treatment, will be a boon to marketers everywhere.

Ruth P. Stevens
President, eMarketing Strategy
Adjunct professor, Columbia University School of Business

Follow That Customer! Is an excellent contribution to the literature on marketing and not to be missed! It puts the customer centre stage, which is exactly where he/she should be in any marketing strategy.”

Alastair Tempest
Director General

CRM (customer-focused entrepreneurship) is about balancing the value of the customer and the value for the customer. Even Driven Marketing is about the right timing of customer contact and therefore bridges traditional marketing and CRM. This book is a unique travel guide to follow your customer’s journeys.

Wil Wurtz
CRM Association, Netherlands

Alan Weber is a master database strategist and this book adds another chapter to his rich teaching and writing history. This book demonstrates that event-driven marketing influenced by life-stage changes is at the center of the next generation of marketing.

Jack Schmid
J. Schmid & Assoc. Inc.