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CHAPTER 1: A New Day Marketing

  • The Roots of Event-Driven Marketing
  • EDM and Direct Marketing: Important Distinctions
  • EDM Prospecting
  • Other EDM-related Concepts
  • Segmentation: Old and New
  • Taking the Event-Driven Approach
  • Case 1 Birthday Clubs

CHAPTER 2: Customer-Related Terminology and Marketing Myopia

  • Market Segmentation: From Old Economy to New?
  • Put Down That Scatter Gun
  • Viewing from the Customer’s Point of View
  • “Stuff” and Self-Image
  • Sales Funnel
  • Regulars, Buyers, and Tryers

CHAPTER 3: The EDM Quadrant

  • From Internal Planning to Customer-Oriented Supply
  • Event-Driven Marketing: Choosing the Right Moment
  • Key Roles in the Marketing Process
  • The EDM Quadrant
  • Time versus Predictability
  • EDM in Mobile Telephony
  • Events in Mobile Telephony

CHAPTER 4: Process Management and the Implementation of Event-Driven Marketing

  • The Customer Comes First
  • Marketing and IT Merge
  • The FBC Formula: Faster, Better, Cheaper
  • Keep IT Simple . . .
  • The Customer: In the Driver’s Seat
  • Campaign Management and the Event-Driven Marketing Cycle
  • EDM Execution
  • The Impact of EDM Execution
  • Case 2: Folksam’s Moving Birds
  • Case 3: Product-Phase Event-Driven Contact Strategies

CHAPTER 5: Loyalty Versus Retention

  • The Goal of Marketing
  • The Focus of Marketing
  • Loyal People Don’t Exist, So Neither Do Loyal Customers
  • Loyalty and Switching Costs
  • What Is Churn, and What Is Its Significance?
  • Loyalty Versus Retention
  • Don’t Give the Customer a Reason to Leave
  • Loyalty and Branding
  • Organizing a Customer Retention Strategy
  • Survival of the Fittest

CHAPTER 6: Customer Value and Profitability

  • The Elements of Customer Value: Acquisition, Development, and Retention
  • Five Methods for Calculating Profitability
  • Technical Terms
  • Method 1: Understanding Break-Even
  • Method 2: Understanding Profitability by Campaign
  • Method 3: Understanding Profitability of Multistep Campaigns
  • Method 4: Understanding Lifetime Value
  • Discussion
  • Method 5: Understanding Payback Period
  • Case 4: EDM in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods and Baby Care
  • Case 5: Event-Driven Marketing for Premium Pet Food

CHAPTER 7: CRM, Databases, and Marketing Information

  • Data Warehouses
  • Logic, Matching, and Understanding
  • Harmonizing Supply and Demand
  • Information Versus Data
  • Useless Information
  • Database Marketing and Data Mining
  • Analyzing Data
  • Analysis: From Theory to Practice
  • Database Analysis Techniques
  • Formulating Analytical Objectives
  • Case 6: Developing an Event-Driven Marketing Program

CHAPTER 8: EDM and Legislation in the European Union

  • Introduction: Local Regulations
  • Universal Principles: Transparency and Confidence
  • European Directive Unification
  • EDM and Awareness
  • Legal Information Requirements under the Data Protection Directive
  • Absolute Right to Object
  • Transborder Flow of Personal Data within the European Union
  • Establishment of the Controller
  • Transfer of Personal Data to Countries Outside the European Union
  • Legal Information Requirements under the E-communications & Privacy Directive
  • Use of Electronic Messages for Commercial Communication
  • Channel Management: A Legal Necessity
  • Channel Management Matrix
  • Legal Information Requirements under the Distance Selling Directive
  • EDM-related Directive: the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive
  • Development: Event-Forbidden Marketing
  • Transborder Event-Driven Marketing: Good Taste and Decency
  • Conclusion
  • Forthcoming Event: Revisions and Discussions
  • The History of Legislation for Direct Marketing

CHAPTER 9: EDM and Legislation in the United States

  • Introduction
  • US and European Law Briefly Compared
  • Industry and Media-Specific Legislation
  • Consumer Credit Information
  • Information Notices by Financial Institutions
  • Protected Health Information
  • Media Channels
  • Telephone, Mobile, SMS, Fax
  • Email
  • Direct Mail
  • Enforcement and Conclusion

Appendix 1 Tips and Checklists

Appendix 2 ROI Case Studies

Appendix 3 Lists of Exhibits


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