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The Book

Follow That Customer! The Event-Driven Marketing Handbook offers an inspiring combination of theory and case material. The knowledge and experience of the authors was expanded with contributions of experts in the field of CRM, database marketing and privicy legislation. Follow That Customer! is written by Egbert Jan van Bel, Ed Sander and Alan Weber. Additional contributions were made by Arthur Middleton Hughes (author of acclaimed titles like Strategic Database Marketing, Successful EMail Marketing Strategies and more), Alexander Singewald (Singewald Consultants Group), Dick Vanderzaken & Ronald Morcus (2Organize), Ruud Verduin and Charles A. Prescott (DMA, FEDMA). Click here for more information about these contributors.

Follow That Customer! is released in a hardcover edition of 248 pages. The book included an extensive theoretical background on aspects like terminology, models, proces management, profitability and legislation. The book also includes various exemaples in the form of six elaborate case studies that illustrate the practical implementation and power of Event-Driven Marketing.

The original Dutch edition of Follow That Customer! was awarded with the Marketing Literature Prize. Click here for more information and the full jury report.

Follow That Customer!